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The city has recently destroyed a Seers of the Throne base in the city in a covert war that lasted for months. Rumor has it that the Seers had taken an increased interest in the city because the tetrarch was after an artifact that was supposedly last used in the city in the 50s before it was lost.

While the Orders won the war and Seer activity in the city is almost non-existant, the cost was high. At times the fighting was intense and mages died. Most of the orders sustained heavy casualties in some cases dropping their numbers by more than half. The Free Council was hit the hardest, with the Mysterium and the Silver Ladder not too far behind. The Adamantine Arrow fared better due to the skill and preparedness of their members despite their penchant for being at the head of the fights. The Guardians of the Veil sustained some injuries, but no fatalities, seeming to always show up to a fight with superior numbers or with an escape planed.

Tensions have increased between the Guardians and the other orders due to the fact that the Guardians’ membership now doubles most other orders and the fact that as the conflict wrapped up the Guardians filled two of the available Councilor positions in consillium. The consillium has recently appointed a few guardians as Sentinels and this trio of mages are taking their jobs very seriously.


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